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We are your source for computer training Tampa, Florida. When other training centers cancel classes because they do not have enough students – we will run a class with two students! Our trainers are certified in the software they teach and we only use a certified curriculum that is aligned to the industry certification. We can help you use the software more efficiently and achieve the results you need. We can even help you get certified for advancement opportunities in your career. We pride ourselves in offering face-to-face and hands-on computer training in Tampa, Florida!

Computer Training by Software

We offer computer trainingĀ inĀ Tampa, Florida for the following software suites:

Microsoft Office Computer Training Tampa FloridaAdobe computer training Tampa Florida

Career Training

We provide flexible computer training to individuals in Tampa, Florida to prepare for new career:

A+ Computer Repair Technician Career Training Tampa FL A+ Computer Repair Technician
Digital Design Series Career Training Tampa FL Digital Design Series
Office Productive Series Career Training Tampa FL Office Productive Series
Photography Basic Series Career Training Tampa FL Photography Basic Series
Small Business Marketing Career Training Tampa FL Small Business Marketing
Video Production Series Career Training Tampa FLVideo Production Series
Web Design Basic Series Career Training Tampa FL Web Design Basic Series
Web Design Advanced Series Career Training Tampa FL Web Design Advanced Series

Learn a New Skill

We also offer computer training classes in Tampa, Florida for specific skills:
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL Computer Basics – Learn how to better use the operating system, applications and Internet.
Computer Security and Maintenance – Learn how to keep safe and your computer running smooth.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL Photography Basics Learn how to better use your camera, angles, focus and how to get the lighting just right.
Video Production Basics Learn techniques for shooting video, setting up lighting and strategies to get better audio.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL Consultation Skills – Dealing with Difficult People Learn strategies to keep a difficult situation from getting worse.
Resume & Interviewing Skills First, learn the secrets to key wording to get the interview. Then, learn how to present yourself and have the answers to get the job.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL Mobile Devices for productivity – We can provide customized training to your staff for utilizing mobile devices to increase production and efficiency. We can even assist in the set-up of the system.
Mobile Application Development- Learn to create basic applications that can be used on any device using Flash Pro.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL SEO Basics Learn how to design your web site content to get in the first pages of Google, Bing and more.
Social Media for Business Learn which social media platforms are best for your industry and how to properly manage your campaign.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL HTML & CSS Learn basic HTML and CSS to produce error free and compliant web sites.
My SQL Basics Learn how to write SQL to create simple dynamic web sites.
PHP & SQL with Dreamweaver Basics Learn to develop PHP code using Dreamweaver to connect to a MySQL database and create a dynamic site.
Responsive Web Design Learn how to use Media Queries and percentile widths to create web sites that look great across devices.
Computer Basics Training Tampa FL WordPress for Small Business Actually create a live WordPress site in the class!
WordPress Shopping Carts Yes, I said WordPress! WordPress has several feature rich shopping cart system plugins.